9xmovies Best Alternative Sites (HD & 300MB) Movies

Are you finding for 9xmovies original website? But you still not found the real one right?.

The reason is 9xmovies is not alive anymore it’s shut-down due to some copyrights issues and illegal activities like piracy of newly released movies and drama tv-shows etc.

Now after the cease of real 9xmovies site many proxy sites have come with the same design and features they all are loaded huge amounts of ads and popups which may include malware and more harmful viruses with ads and popups.

After the long research, we bring the best 10 movie sites which are offering free high-quality movies and tv shows like 9xmovies without display a vast amount of ads.

What is 9xMovies

9xmovies is the platform where you get all newly released movies, tv shows and drama serials free of cost, Yes without paying a single penny you can get all things at one click.

9xmovies has organized movies and tv shows with genre and categories like Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, and the most visited category is Pre Release.

Basically it is a movie piracy site which is very famous for the last 3 years for getting free movies and TV shows.

9xmovies preview

Best 9xMovies Alternatives Websites

1. Putlocker

Putlocker 9xmovies alternative website

Putlocker is the best alternative movie website to get all newly released movies free of cost. it Has a similar design to 9xmovies Working from the last 3 years in the market providing services. You will see Putlocker and 9xmovies also have the same color scheme And homepage Design layout.

It has Categories Where movies are in an organized way. You can find the genre list country wise movies and tv shows also you can find top IMDB movies list on the top of the site navigation menu.

it doesn’t contain multiple ads and popups but needs to face some ads at the start of movies because it will redirect you some times and open new tabs sometimes when you try to click on the play button.

Because of third party ads on Putlocker, it will be harmful or unsecured for you to use without hiding your information or identity with any good VPN. You can try Nord VPN which is very secure in-fact I am also using this to find all of these 9xmovies alternative sites.

2. Vumoo

9xmovies best alternative Vumoo

Vumoo is another good alternative of 9xmovies with a very similar design, color scheme, and homepage layout design. It has a huge collection of latest movies and old Hollywood, Bollywood movies, But can’t find anything on the homepage Except for one large search box to find movies and tv shows by typing the name of movies.

It has to categorize TV Shows and Movies where you find newly released movies and tv shows in high quality with a download link. Vumoo also ad a genre menu on the top to find movies by genre and categories.

Vumoo is also loaded with ads but you can use any of the best adblocker to block some ads it will never ask you for disable adblocker. So you can freely enjoy your streaming without ads.

But make sure while browsing use any good VPN to protect yourself from viruses and malware and secure or hide your identity to red of any piracy police case. One of the best is the Nord VPN recommended using these kinds of piracy sites. 

Vumoo is best of all from the list you will enjoy more and more on it to watch movies free in high quality, give a try once yourself you will love it.

3. GoStream

Gostream replacment of 9xmovies

In the race of movies providing in high quality without any cost, the Gomovies is one of the best sites which is providing its services from the last 4 years. It has a very similar design and layout as 9xmovies. It has a huge database of the latest movies and TV shows in an organized way.

Gomovies has to manage all movies and tv shows in the separate genres and categories like most viewed, Top 100 IMDB movies and Animation, Action, Comedy, Drama Genres. You can contact Gomovies webmaster to request any specific movies by its name with the contact us form on the top of the menu list.

By hover mouse cursor on any specific movie or TV show thumbnail, you can see the IMDB rating, Year of releasing the movie, total time duration and film description in the small hover windows.

Gomovies has lots of ads and popups like 9xmovies so you need to face lots of advertisement while or browsing or searching movies in the site, also when you click on the play button you will see some redirection and a new tab opens. Which may contain harmful scripts, malware or viruses in ads.

The really bad news is you can not use adblocker with Gomovies because it will ask you to disable your ad blocker before browsing the website.

But the site is really great it providing all newly released movies and tv shows without any cost of high quality. Try once you will be loved to use every day.

4. Yesmovies


Yesmovies is the same as Vumoo but litter bit difference in the movie collection. The color scheme is pink but the design is very similar to 9xmovies. Yesmovies is offering all the latest movies in high quality very first in the movie piracy market like 9xmovies. So you can find all the new releases very fast in the Yes movies.

It has a great option on the site which is movie rating by users. So if you want to watch a high rating movie you can easily find by rating stars. It has a huge collection of movies most of in high quality but you can also see CAM Rip or SD quality movies mix in the site.

If you want to watch movies in High quality you need to find by yourself in Yesmovies because HD movies are mix under the ocean of CAM rip and SD quality movies. But all TV shows are almost in HD quality so you don’t worry about it.

It is famous due to country-specific movies genre list so if you are in the mood of watching movies in any country-specific release then you can browse Yesmovies country list category.

Yesmovies also have huge ads and popups so you need to tolerate ads if you really want to watch or download movies. Don’t touch on the HD or SD quality button on the website because they are misleading. Many of redirection will start when you click on the play icon.

To watch any movies in the YesMovies you need to click on movie thumbnail you have chosen one. Then click on the play icon in the center of the player. Your movie streaming will be started. You can enjoy watching movies on Yesmovies.

5. FMovies

Fmoives best alternative 9xmovies

If you are finding a website that provides you newly released movies very fast in the market then you go through the Fmovies. No need for any registration to watch movies. Layout and design are the same as the 9xmovies color scheme is litter bit different. It has a giant collection of movies database and the latest movies.

A beautiful design with a big carousel on the homepage to show featured movies. A vast collection of movies and the best things is Fmovies is a boss to leak all newly released movies in High quality. Another thing is its movie player is really awesome because we can control all functions by keyboard in the player.

Fmovies has had registration options also but we don’t recommend you make an account on such a pirated site to disclose your identity. 

It has lots of organized movies and tv shows under the genre like Action, Adventure, Animation, and categories also have a country-specific category where you can find any country special movies


  • More than one server to stream movies.
  • Huge collection of latest movies and TV shows.
  • Organized movies Tv shows under the genres.


  • Ads and popups windows or new tabs on every click.
  • Banned in some countries

You will enjoy Fmovies to watch the latest and newly released movies every day give a try by yourself once.

6. SolarMovies

Solarmovies for 9xmovies

Solarmovies has two faces of one single coin means first is the old one which was working from the start but nowadays Solarmovies have a new design with a new domain address. it is a website with a very similar design like 9xmovies. Its have a large collection of movies and TV shows the same as 9xmovies.

Most movies provider sites ask for registration first on-site to watch movies or tv shows but you don’t need to make an account or register on the solar movies you can watch any movie and tv shows without registration.

Solarmovies has 9xmovies features that arrange all movies into genre and categories you can filter movies by your choice between Action, Musical, Mystery, Mythological and many more you can find on the site.

This is the one of best 9xmovies alternative but I will never say it is the last one because many more good website is providing their services in a nice way without any cost.

Solarmovies deserve to try once you will be amazed by watching a huge collection of best movies in high quality with the fastest streaming from more than one server.


HDO movies

HDO is another prime alternative of 9xmovies that has the same design layout and movie collection in filtered in genre and categories which make HDO very similar to 9xmovies. It is providing high-quality movies free. You can enjoy your streaming without making any account or registration.

It has a very impressive design with a huge collection of movies and tv shows which you can watch in high quality but some movies and shows are available in CAM rip and SD quality so if you want to watch only HD movies you need to find by yourself but most are in HD.

HDO is loaded with ads and popups which may disturb you in any single click. When you click on movie thumbnail you will redirect to a random site it may be nude or another one so you need to use AdBlock to block some ads.

The really cheap thing is HDO ask for disabling your adblocker which I don’t like ever.

You need to use a good VPN to protect yourself from this kind of Blacksheep. Free VPN is not that much secure which you require for yourself so you need a stronger one. 

If you still not found any good VPN to protect yourself then you can read this post to select the best VPN for you.

8. Primewire

Primewire Good alternative of 9xmovies

Primwire is back to the Pavillion now with better user experience. Because it has a very unique design from the start so it does not look like 9xmovies but it has some good features and a big amount of HD movies filtered under the genres and categories. Now it’s under construction because they are building user experience so if you face any problem than have patience. It will not disappoint you from any side.

It has a small search box on the head of the site you can find movies by searching their names. The best thing is high rated and featured movies are listed in the separate slider carousel and rest TV shows are listed below of the featured movies you can find most popular and most viewed shows on the homepage of Primewire.

You can watch anything without registration but only one benefit of registration is you can ask for any specific movies to get from the site owner. But we are don’t recommend you use your personal identity or information to make an account because it will disclose your information so you need to hide in these kinds of piracy sites.

In conclusion, Primewire is 100% not similar to 9xmovies but has more options to play with. It will be the best alternative of 9xmovies to watch Tv shows and movies online with the fastest streaming servers with lots of options.

9 Popcornflix


Now we are back again on the 9xmovies similar site which is grand Popcornflix has the same design with a big search box on the front homepage. Without any subscription or registration, you can watch movies and tv shows free also it has download options with all movies.

Popcornflix has organized all TV shows in the list by its released date and time duration. And manage movies under the genres. The greatest thing is it has Viral vids option on the top which contain all the viral movies by its rating and most viewed.

It has also ads and popups but the great news is you can use adblocker to block these ads and enjoy your live streaming or you can download also with provided options.

Popcornflix is a good alternative of 9xmovies you can try a single time you will crush on it to use every time to download and watch movies.

10 WatchFree

WatchFree alternative website of 9xmovies

Watchfree is the best alternative of 9xmovies has beautiful design same look like 9xmovies. It is not the most popular site in movies but it is still a fantastic site to use for download and watch movies online with the fastest streaming. You can watch movies without registration you don’t need to make an account.

It is a very old website active for the last 5 years so you can rely on this. It offers veritable navigations to provide you filtered and organized user experience, so you can find any movie or Tv show without wasting your time here and there.

Popups and ads are irritating things in Watchfree you need to use any good VPN or adblocker to block ads. 

Watchfree has a massive amount of movies and shows filtered under the genre Comedy, Action, Biography, and more. It also has top IMDB movies and featured movies option on the top you can find movies that are top-rated by IMDB.

Some More Handpicks you can try.

FAQs. about 9xMovies

We have to discuss frequently asked questions about 9xmovies which you might know before accessing this site.

#1 Is 9xmovies is safe to use?

People are asking is 9xmovies is safe to use without hiding real identity? 

The answer is an absolutely NO Because these are pirated sites which spreading virus and malware with ads, popups, and redirections. You must need to use an adblocker with any best VPN which helps you to protect yourself from malware and any other ransomware.

#2 Is 9xmovies is legal?

Let’s tell you something if anyone providing you paid content without charging any single penny then how can legal to use or get content? That’s why 9xmovies is completely illegal to use. So you need to avoid to visit this kind of illegal sites. But if you really want to visit or use these illegal sites so you need to invest in the best VPN to hide your identity and use Good antivirus to bypass viruses or malware attacks.


We have discussed almost 10 best alternatives of 9xmovies so now you have many options to switch from 9xmovies to another site which are very similar by design and features.

Now you familiar with 10 best alternative sites its time to discover newly released movies and TV shows and kick out 9xmovies.

Because these are illegal or pirate sites so keep in mind that sites come and go. You don’t need to rely on a single site. 

Go and test all sites or filter one for you to watch movies online choose which is a perfect replacement of 9xmovies for you.

Do comment if you have any queries related to the post. I will really glad to answer your query. 

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